The Mark of Quality


Pneuform RUS, Ltd based on analytics according to ROSSTAT, it is noted as one of the best in the industry and included in the rating of reliable enterprises in the Yaroslavl region.

History of the company

Pneuform RUS, Ltd - the Russian-Czech enterprise which is in the capital of the Golden ring of Russia in the Yaroslavl city. We employ 35 specialists. Production activity is carried out since 2007. In 2011 created a joint venture with the well-known Czech company PNEUFORM HULIN a.s. which is a group of companies producing tools and equipment for the production of tires.

  • 1992

    Pneuform Hulin a.s., Czech Republic

    - production of a full range of molds for the manufacture of all types of tires
    - development of technical documentation for the manufacture of molds
    - creating a 3D model of protector
  • 1999

    Gottschol Alcuilux spol.s.r.o, Czech Republic

    - manufacture of air exhaust systems
    - lamella manufacturing and development
    - production of 3D knives
  • 2005

    Moldcast s.r.o, Czech Republic

    - making castings using advanced low pressure casting technologies
    - services of designing, manufacturing and debugging chills
  • 2011

    Pneuform RUS, Ltd

    - manufacture of sidewalls, side rings, diaphragms, and all components for containers
    - Producing, modifications and repair moulds

Types of activity:
- modifications, modernization, repair and producing tyre moulds and containers for tyre industry
- metalworking
- powder
- welding and surfacing repair work
- development of design and technical documentation
- provision of service, warranty and post-warranty services

Our goals:
- timely provision of customers with high-quality products
- building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers
- provision of services at the enterprises of our customers
- expansion of production facilities and introduction of new technologies
- improvement of product quality and control system


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