Pneuform RUS, Ltd offers you services in metal working, turning milling works and manufacturing parts from any metal according to your drawings, sketches, samples. Metalworking according to customer drawings is performed on the most modern and high-tech CNC equipment.

Technological capabilities of our company:

- Turning

- Milling

- Engraving

- Drilling

- Electroerosive burning of metal

- Surfacing repair work

- Powder metal spraying

Our advantages

  • High precision manufacturing

  • Execution of the order within the prescribed period

  • Own design and technology department

  • Work with foreign drawings

  • Use of advanced metalworking technology

Metal Turning on CNC Machines: HONOR SEIKI VL-86C, processing diameter from Ø100 mm to Ø1600 mm and from 1000 mm height; TOS Hulin SK-16, diameter turning metal from Ø950 mm and to 650 mm height

Milling work on CNC Five-axis milling machine DECEL MAHO DMU 80. Workpiece size up to 800 mm

Engraving of any inscriptions and drawings он CNC Engraving and milling machine LANG с ЧПУ. Workpiece size from 100 mm to 1200 mm

High-speed special radial drilling machine Vega 20, drill speed up to 6000 r/min

Electroerosive machine for cutting metal Form 20

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