Molds in 2019:

Pneuform RUS, Ltd - the Russian-Czech enterprise which is in the capital of the Golden ring of Russia in the Yaroslavl city. We employ 35 specialists. Production activity is carried out since 2007. In 2011 created a joint venture with the well-known Czech company PNEUFORM HULIN a.s. which is a group of companies producing tools and equipment for the production of tires.

Main production

Production of moulds
- the manufacture of the moulds
- the production tyre moulds segments by milling
- the manufacture of the sidewalls and side rings, bladder nodes and clips of any complexity
Modernization of any complexity
- professional replacement of the engravings on the side
- production of grooves and replaceable tokens of any standards and types
- changing the geometric and structural parameters of the mould
- replacement of air exhaust systems in the mould, knife elements and spike pins
Repair of moulds and containers for tire production
- recovery thermogaps of the moulds
- powder spraying of particularly difficult areas to repair the sectors of the mould
- professional fixing of any malfunction with moulds and containers
- replacement of slip plates in containers
Service of moulds
- cleaning and timely replacement of air exhaust systems
- checking the joints of segments and sidewall
- elimination of nicks, dents and chips
- maintaining an electronic database

Our advantages

  • High-technology equipment

  • Quality management certificate ISO 9001-2015

  • Original components and spare parts

  • Employee training

  • Service

  • Flexible price policy


Production of molds is a laborious process requiring the use of high-precision equipment.

CNC vertical lathe HONOR SEIKI VL-86C

CNC vertical lathe SK16

CNC Five-axis milling machine DECEL MAHO

CNC Engraving and milling machine LANG с ЧПУ- 2 PCs

Radial drilling machines Vega 20

Laser welding ALPHA LAZER - 2 PCs

In addition to the manufacture of molds for the tire industry, we are able to produce molds for other types of products.

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