Pneuform RUS, Ltd offers services for laser welding of hard-to-reach places for steel and aluminum alloys. The technology of laser welding allows to obtain under local high temperature, high strength welded joints, the composition and properties are identical to the base material, and the automatic supply of protective gas ensures the absence of undesirable impurities in the weld and gives it a neat appearance. Laser welding technologies do not require post-treatment of the weld.

Laser welding provides precise and reliable connection of parts without deforming the product itself due to the minimal thermal investment; therefore, this method is widely demanded and applicable to welding of housings, temperature and pressure sensors, thermocouples, filters, connectors, pipes.
We also offer to perform surfacing repair works using argon arc welding. This method of welding provides good quality and the formation of welds, allows you to accurately maintain the depth of penetration of the metal, which is very important when welding thin metal with one-way access to the surface of the product. After surfacing, we will restore the nominal dimensions of the product by metalworking on CNC machines.

Our advantages

  • Perform a full cycle of surfacing repair work

  • Availability of a fleet of CNC equipment for post-processing of recovered products

  • Quality assurance of work performed

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