Pneuform RUS, LLC offers services for laser and argon welding of hard-to-reach places of steel and aluminum alloys



High strength alloys

Identical to the prior material in terms of composition and its properties

Automatic shielding gas supply

Ensures the absence of unwanted impurities when welding and provides it with an accurate look

Strong connection of parts

Laser welding ensures a reliable connection of parts without deforming the hardware

Overlay welding

This welding method results in good quality welds and allows us to maintain the depth of metal penetration accurately

Restoration of nominal dimensions

Upon overlay welding, we restore the nominal dimensions of the product by means of metalworking on CNC machines

Our advantages

We perform a full cycle of overlay welding works

Equipment stock with CNC

Constant quality control

Flexible price policy



We work from 

Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00

Yaroslavl, Polushkina Roshcha, 9с

Tel.: +7(4852)23-09-93

E-mail: info@pneuformrus.ru